of June 08:30 Registration and coffee 11:00 Opening ceremony

Official Opening Speech
Government of Azerbaijan

Elbay Gasim-Zada, Chairman of the Board, Union of Architects Azerbaijan (UAA)
and Thomas Vonier, President, International Union of Architects (UIA)
Opening remarks

Tourism in numbers 13:00 14:00 Presentation of architectural solutions for tourism management in historic cities 14:30 Panel discussion:
Uses and maintenance of heritage

Panellists will discuss mechanisms for restoration and/or conservation of historical cities, including adapting the uses of heritage as a means to its maintenance and accessibility.

This discussion will also consider how to ensure the local community’s sense of ownership of the city, and how various stakeholders can use heritage in a balanced way. 16:30 Tours of Baku 8th
of June 9:00 Panel discussion:
Tourism sector and digital tools

This block will focus on the important role of tourism professionals in the development of responsible tourism and the use of technology as a means to monitor and regulate tourism flows.

Emphasis will be placed on boosting collaboration between tourism companies and cities with regards to tourism management and marketing strategies.

Discussions will also examine how to promote other on-site attractions and activities to disperse tourist flows. 11:00 Coffee break 11:30 Panel discussion:
Economic factors

Discussions will centre on how tourism affects the economy, the consumer habits of residents, and the city’s infrastructure.

Panellists will analyse how to develop a financial and social plan to protect the city’s heritage, develop human capital, build local institutional capacity, improve employment practices, and protect traditional commerce and residential diversity. 13:30 14:30 Presentation of architectural solutions for tourism management in historic cities 15:00 Panel discussion:
Regulatory measures

This block will serve as an examination of the existing and suggested norms and regulations implemented by the municipalities or local governments trying to control the tourism in historic cities.

This will include how cities monitor the impact of tourism and how they implement strategic plans for the protection of the city’s identity and integrity (e.g. residents and local commerce). 17:00 Tours of Baku 18:00 Evening event 9th
of June 9:00 Panel discussion:
Education and awareness