The fee for e-Visa is 20 US Dollars. This fee is charged for reviewing a visa application and is non-refundable under any circumstances.

An amount of 3 (three) US dollars is charged as a service fee for processing an electronic visa application. This amount is payable in addition to 20 (twenty) USD state fee for the electronic visa.

Payment operations can be made only using Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay. The card does not have to be under your name.

The e-Visa form is in A4 format. There is a special machine-readable code on the upper-right hand part of the e-visa form.

If a foreigner or a stateless person has obtained several e-Visas, he/she should leave the country with the one that was used to enter the country.

In case of loss, an e-Visa form can be re-printed from or e-email.

E-Visa can be obtained on Asan-Visa web-site HERE